Guide to Wear a Pocket Watch

bhook1Are you among those who are considered stylish? Is your personal style ‘sigh-inducing’ and leads to feelings of envy among others? Well, then how would you like to take your style quotient in fashion to an all new level? The perfect way to glam up your style instantly is to wear a pocket watch. Contrary to popular belief, it is not an archaic and quaint fashion statement, but continues to exhume a sense of charm, elegance, and unparalleled style to this day.

If you are a believer in wearing stylish wrist watches and never leave your home without wearing one, then you might want to consider including pocket watches in your wardrobe or completely switching over to them.

In the earlier times, pocket watches were worn by people who were rich. It was an indication of the amount of wealth a person had. That trend continues to this day. It takes a lot to be able to carry a pocket watch with great elan and panache and that is why, learning how to wear one in the correct manner becomes

Fitness Freaks to Choose the Best Running Watch

fitbit-alta-luxe-stainless-steel-silver-bangle-clock-flower-1455123267-dbr1-column-width-inline-1460478701-pe2e-column-width-inline-1461173285-0pmt-column-width-inlineWatch Out!
Basis is an intelligent sports watch with a micro sensor that senses the heart rate (BPM), tracks activity levels, monitors perspiration, and records skin temperature. All this at just $150.
Why run on a treadmill when you can run out in the open and enjoy the cool morning breeze. You would be thinking, a treadmill is a better alternative when it comes to monitoring your workout, and would probably not dirty your shoes. But the technology today is so advanced that you could run in the open, and a simple wristwatch would perform all the functions of a treadmill for you. Right from monitoring the distance, these running watches would take care of your burnt calorie count, number of laps, total workout time, running speed, heart rate, etc., and are equipped with astounding features like GPS, pedometer, heart rate monitors, chronograph, touchscreen (some variants), Bluetooth, and much more.

Before you make a purchase, take a look at some quick tips on how to choose the best running watch for your unique needs.

Convenience and Comfort

Selection Military Watches for Men

a9e9608576a5b3528da13c64087321c5As every individual’s needs for a military watch is unique, finding the ‘best’ watch for yourself may require other inputs and details that have nothing to do with the ‘most popular’ brand/product. Whether it’s the military grade watches or its tactical style that attracts you to them, rest assured that there is watch out there that fits your needs and desires.

In the following sections, we will go over the variety of features available along with information on the top selling watches as of today. So, read the entire article thoroughly to figure out which watch suits your needs.

Sorted Into Categories

In totality, there are three different categories these military watches can be divided into. Depending on the mission troops often perform, these watches fall under those specific categories accordingly.

1. A General Service/Field Watch has a cheap, yet rugged design and is issued to infantry or other ground units. Because the watches cost less and are low maintenance, they can be easily available in the market.

2. A Pilot’s/Navigator’s Watch has to be accurate and reliable, in regards of the time and heading.

Caring for Your Jewelry

It doesn’t take much to care for your jewelry in a manner that will keep it sparkling for years to come. However, it does take consistency and a little extra maintenance every now and then depending on the type of jewelry that you have. A few simple guidelines are all you need to maintain the beauty and value of your jewelry over time.

Proper Storage

Keep your jewelry in a clean dry place with cloth lining. If you don’t want to use a jewelry box wrap each piece individually in soft tissue or cloth. Be careful not to jumble your jewelry by combining different types of jewelry together. It can become tangled and scratched by being too close to other pieces of jewelry. Also, avoid resting it on the edge of a sink, even for a few minutes because it can easily slip and fall down the drain.

Proper Cleaning & Care

All jewelry requires some form of cleaning, some more than others. It is important that you clean each piece of jewelry according to its particular specifications. Some jewelry can be cleaned by using high-frequency sound. This form of cleaning is called ultrasonic cleaning. Talk to your jeweler about the best form

Tips for Buying a Good Watch

Time is the most important thing in life. Managing your time properly is equivalent to managing your life properly. And what’s better than to manage both life and time with an elegant timepiece wrapped gingerly around your wrist.
A wrist watch is a piece of accessory that it is equally liked by both men and women. It reveals many facets of an individual’s personality. Men think of it as something that creates a long-lasting good impression, while for women, it is almost like a piece of jewelry that completes her everyday look.

While a perfectly chosen watch represents a person’s good taste, his personality, and his social standing, an unsuitable watch shows much more than that – his crudeness! That is the importance of choosing a good watch.

But trust me, selecting a suitable watch is a herculean task. With so many companies manufacturing quality watches that are not only affordable but stylish, we are simply spoiled for choice.

So before you say, “Okay, I’ll take this one”, check out the following points:

Before You Decide to Buy

Do You Really Need a Watch?
This one might be the toughest to answer. So, think again, and if this time your answer is yes, then go

How to Care Properly Pocket Watch

Pocket watches (or fob watches) carry with them an air of refinement where those who sport this classy watch, really have an old-fashioned yet stylistic trend going for them. Worn on a chain that connects it from inside one’s vest or pocket, this beauty is definitely something that the older generation of men will find timeless. A fob watch conjures up images of men wearing sartorially well-tailored suits with pipes stuck between their teeth. If you have such a watch that just conked off and is in need of mending, then this guide on how to repair your pocket watch will come in handy.

Antique Pocket Watch Repair
A truly unique watch for men, fob watches have somehow survived years of advancing time pieces, not losing out on that vintage and classy aura it encases.

List of Items to Keep On Hand
It is important to have all your tools ready before you start repairing your fob watch. Do not substitute any of them with not recommended things, since it can tamper with the repairing process. Things you’ll need – watch oil, parts tray (it can hold all the small bits and vital parts of a

How Does an Altimeter Watch Work

It’s amazing to see the number of features packed into the watches of today. You will find watches with a built-in perpetual calendar, tachometer (to measure the speed of a moving object), asthometer (to measure rate of respiration), pulsometer (to measure the heart rate), and much more. You can even find watches that tell you the lunar time, i.e. the time of high tide and low tide in your region! An altimeter watch displays the altitude of a place i.e. the height of the place above sea level. The purpose of such a watch is to show an approximate value of the altitude of a place. Say you are out on a hiking trip, and wish to know how far you have climbed above the sea level. In such a scenario, an altimeter watch is exactly what you would need. Just one look at your altimeter watch, and you’d be aware of the altitude of the point where you are standing!

If you go looking for an altimeter watch, you’d see that not all of them are the same. They vary in their strengths and to some extent, in their accuracy. Also, most altimeter watches do more than just

Bluetooth Watch with Caller ID

Technology is progressing at a tremendous rate today, and with every passing day, we see some new and innovative gadget hitting the market. One such gadget is the Bluetooth watch, and this is something that no one really envisaged, until recently. The one with caller ID display will show the phone number of an incoming call on your mobile phone, as long as the watch has been synced with the phone beforehand. You can also use this in addition to a Bluetooth headset to answer the call. What this means is that you can look at the source of the incoming call on the watch, and then answer it through the headset, without even glancing at the mobile phone itself.

Whether this is simple laziness or an amazing benefit of technology, is open to debate, but what is certain is that this is a feature that was the stuff of sci-fi movies and books of the decades gone by. There are several such watches available on online shopping portals and some retail stores as well now, and all of them function on Bluetooth 2.0 technology, so they will definitely be compatible with the mobile phones that are in production

How to Custom Watch Face

Whatever your gender or age, a must-have accessory is a watch. While there are infinite models and designs available, in stores and online, the trend-setter within, wants something different. Something that sets your watch apart from the crowd of brands and makes. Changing the strap is just the tip of the iceberg. How about creating your own watch face? The most visible and looked-at part of a watch, is its face. So to create a custom watch, the best thing to customize would be the watch face. Custom watch faces can change the whole feel and look of a watch, and they help in adding a personal touch to the accessory. Such watches rank among great watch models for men and women.

Design Ideas for Custom Watch Face

Customized watch faces are a great way for a company or organization, to show their unity, with a unique item, representing their team spirit. Put the company logo or emblem, as the watch face, to create a memorable token. They also make great retirement or leaving gifts. Plus just customizing the dial, is a less expensive way, instead of customizing the entire watch. They make for good promotional items as well.

How about

How to Care Automatic Watch

While the market for fancy digital wrist watches thrives around us today, there are some people who still prefer old-fashioned analog watches that do not need a battery to function. Watches that need winding in order to work have always appealed to many people, and one such derivation of this mechanism is the automatic watch.

An automatic watch is nothing but a self-winding watch that does not need winding by the individual who wears it. The mechanism within is very simple, and the winder rotates on its own when the wearer moves or rotates his arm. It is a telling fact that most mechanical watches that are available in the market today are automatic watches, so it can be gathered that these watches are still very popular amongst many people all around the world.

Automatic Watch Maintenance

Such pieces generally become heirlooms in most families, so they are passed down from generation to generation. For such families, learning how to care for it is absolutely essential since the watch represents the family’s heritage and history. For some other watch wearers, it is more than just a watch. It is like a symbol that they carry around with them, and there is

Types and Functions of a Watch Bezel

The world’s first modern diving watch was made by the Blancpain’s iconic Fifty Fathoms in 1953. A book named ‘Fifty Fathoms, The Dive and Watch History 1953-2013’ has been written on the stories of 24 adventures that helped in the exploration of the oceans of the world, which could be done with the help of their diving watches.
There was a period when time was calculated with the position of the Sun and the Moon. And there is this period now, where a watch is worn not just to see time, but to measure speed, pulse, fuel consumption, and time from all over the world simultaneously on your wrist, and nothing seems impossible. Another feather added to technology, scientists have created these mechanisms for the ease of use, summing it all up in a tiny wrist watch! It reduces the need to carry more equipment and the cost of machinery.

Some of the most popular types of bezel watches that are the inventions of excellent minds are given below.

Different Types and Functions of a Watch Bezel

Decorative Bezel Watches
✦ Decorative bezels can be anything from diamond-studded to beautiful metallic designs. These bezels do not

How to Take Links Out of a Watch

I love wearing watch bracelets as they look elegant and smart. The only problem with these watches is that they have full size wristbands which you need to get shortened if it does not fit your wrist. You can get it shortened from the watch makers but do you know it is so simple that you can shorten the bands yourself at home. As there are different types of watch bands, you need to get knowledge about at least some of the common types. Let’s get some tips on how to resize watch bracelet.

How to Take Links Out of a Watch Band

You may get different designs on watch bracelets which may include stretch band links, links held with pins, etc. The methods to open the links are different for different bands. Here we are going to discuss resizing watch bracelets of two types of bands: stretch band links and links held with pins. Have a look.

Stretch Band Links

Things Required

  • Pin Puller
  • Flat sided tool
  • Needle nosed pliers


  • First of all measure the wrist watch according to the width of your wrist. Decide how many bars you want to remove and from where.
  • Place the watch band on

How to Replace a Watch Battery

For expensive and antique watches it is always advisable to get it repaired or changing of the battery to be done by a professional, not that you can’t do it, but you don’t want to run a risk. For all other kind of watches you can do it all by yourself. Now, the most common thing you ought to know is that, normally all wrist watches use the common battery which is 377. However a large range of watches use batteries which vary in size and their power (voltage). Importantly you ought to know, what kind of battery is being used in your watch. If you are unaware, get the watch manual out that you got on the purchase of your watch and find out exactly the battery size and type. Once you are done with that, find out in the next section how to change a watch battery.

How to Replace a Watch Battery

Step# 1
The very first step is to find out the battery type and purchase the same from a trusted dealer of course. Now, you have to examine the back of the watch to find the type of watch back.

Step# 2
Usually there are two

Tips for Fake Tongue Rings

Fake tongue piercings or rings are meant for those who would love to wear such jewelry, but don’t like the idea of getting their tongue pierced. The manufacturers have come up with innovative ideas and designs. These have become increasingly popular among the young crowd. There is one aspect you need to consider, you must handle the fake tongue ring maturely. If you are careless with it, you might end up causing harm to yourself.

Fake Tongue Piercing Jewelry
These rings are designed for those who are either scared of getting a tongue piercing due to the pain or risk of infection, or have been asked by their parents not to get such a piercing. So, you can flaunt your tongue ring, without having to go through the problems associated with actual tongue piercing.

How Do They Work
Some of the fake rings work on the principle of suction. You just need to place the fake tongue ball between your teeth and press your tongue up to it. When you suck on the fake tongue ball, it just sticks to the tongue. Some of these rings use magnets. Magnets prevent the piece of jewelry from falling off and that gives

Tips to Clean a Diamond Ring

Diamonds are highly valued for the looks they offer. It is said that the inner surfaces of these stones refract light and this is the reason behind their sparkling nature. However, accumulation of dirt or other substances like oil, lotion, etc., may affect the sparkle of the stone. So, wearing diamond rings while doing household chores, exposes these precious stones to various materials. With time, the stone will get accumulated with dirt, which can affect its sheen. The stone will no more be sparkling and will look dull. In such cases, you have to clean the ring, so as to bring back that sheen. Regular cleaning will be useful in maintaining the brilliance of your diamond ring.

Tips for Cleaning a Diamond Ring

The most important point to keep in mind about diamonds is that they have to be handled carefully. These expensive stones must be kept away from dirt, harsh chemicals and contact with coarse substances. If you wear a diamond ring daily (as in case of engagement or wedding ring), then it needs to be cleaned regularly. As the diamond is exposed to various materials used in your day-to-day activities, there are chances that they lose sheen due

Thumb Ring Meaning

Apart from being a fashion statement, wearing a ring in each finger has a symbolic meaning of its own. Thumb rings are the latest jewelry fad these days. As the name suggests, it is a ring worn in either of the two thumbs, by both men as well as women. One may not be aware, but, wearing a thumb ring is quite an ancient custom.

What Does a Thumb Ring Symbolize?

➡ Status Symbol
In ancient times, a thumb ring was used as a status symbol and worn only by men. The higher the rank, more elaborate and heavy was the ring. Usually, women did not wear a thumb ring. But, they donned the ring of their husband as a memory, if they were killed on the battlefield. Similarly, in some parts of the world, a thumb ring signified military status or rank.

➡ Profession
A thumb ring is basically used to protect the thumb during archery. It was used for the same purpose in ancient and medieval times. Rings used for archery were large in size. On the other hand, in Europe, it was a tradition for doctors to wear a thumb ring. In certain parts of the world, it

Tips to Make Mood Rings

Remember the times, when you used rings as an identification for your “group of friends”, or as a mark of love and friendship? We all must have used these simple rings as souvenirs to express our affection towards someone, or simply for fun! I am talking about the interesting mood rings, which are known for their phenomenon of changing color as per our moods. Well, the reality of the phenomenon is something else, as the ring contains a liquid crystal stone which is thermochromic in nature.

Thermochromic means sensitive to temperature and the stone changes color depending on these temperature changes. When this stone is used to make a ring, it comes in contact with the wearer’s body temperature and depending on that, changes color. The ring was invented by 2 New Yorkers, Josh Reynolds and Maris Ambats in 1975 and was purchased by a number of people instantly. If you too, are a huge fan of these mood rings and want to know how these mood ring colors function, you can make them at home in a few simple steps.

Making Mood Rings at Home

Mood rings are very popular among kids and youngsters as owning “a ring that tells your mood”

Tips to Places to Sell Diamond Jewelry

Jewelry holds a very special place in women’s life and without it they feel incomplete. They are fond of trying out different varieties of jewelry. Generally, amongst all the varieties, diamond jewelry holds a higher position. It attracts most women because of its variety in the real sense. Diamond earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, are the most common forms of this type of jewelry and are always in demand. Usually, we buy things that attract us and always love what we buy. But we do not keep them with us forever. It is quite natural that after a period we get bored with them and want something new in their place.

Generally, we put old things into waste bin or give them away if they can still be used. But, it is not the case with every object. There are some items that are very precious and costly, gold and diamond jewelry, for instance. These are the products that we cannot throw away or give to anyone, even if we get bored with them. We have invested so high in them that we expect something out of them and it is absolutely logical. So, we think of selling them. Another

Guide to Clean Diamond Jewelry at Home

This quotation rightly expresses what girls actually feel about diamonds. Diamonds are precious stones that have their own significance. Every girl in this world wishes to own it. A piece of diamond jewelry holds a special place in her life whether it is gifted by someone or bought on her own. That’s why, this special piece requires special care and attention to retain its beauty and shine. A clean diamond looks beautiful and vibrant as compared to a dirty one. These precious stones attract grease and dirt like magnets. Dirt can either form a film on their surface or settle below the setting in the jewelry. In both the cases, luster and brilliance of the diamond gets highly reduced. It is therefore necessary to clean your jewelry regularly.

Cleaners for Diamond Jewelry

Glass Cleaner
Buy a quality glass cleaner that can be used to clean diamonds as well as other jewelry pieces. Spray a small amount of glass cleaner on the jewelry and scrub away the settled dirt on the surface using your finger. Use a soft bristle toothbrush to remove the debris settled beneath the groves and settings in the jewelry. Lotions, creams, and other items tend to settle

Tips Safe to Buy a Diamond Ring Online

Whether it’s a gift to yourself, a friend, relative, or spouse, or the much coveted engagement ring, a diamond ring is a timeless piece of jewelry. Receiving one can send you over the moon. Buying one, however, is another story altogether. Not only because of the variety available, but also because of the amount of time and judgment that goes into buying one. Add the option of buying it online at the click of a button, and you’ve got yourself in a real dilemma. Let Buzzle guide you on how you can safely take full advantage of buying a diamond ring online.

Why Buying a Diamond Ring Online Makes Sense

There have to be some very logical arguments in favor of buying diamonds online. It is, after all, an investment that will make your wallet considerably lighter. So, what are its advantages over going to your trusted and probably really experienced local jeweler?

  • Lower Cost: One of the most important advantages is that web-purchased diamond rings are likely to be less expensive than their store-bought counterparts. This is because they have comparatively lower operational costs.
  • More Discounts: Buying anything online almost always enables you to avail great discounts by way